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Brendan James: Traveler, Photographer, Athlete.

PICSPORADIC is a collection of my travels and stories through photography and video.

Originally from Vermont, USA with a background in biking, skiing, ice and rock climbing I have always had a passion for exploration and discovery. I have been a professional mountain bike racer since 2015.

I enjoy sharing my experiences traveling to remote parts of the world on two wheels. Recent bikepacking expeditions have taken me to Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and Chile – where I have pushing the limits of endurance and exploration.

With a strong appreciation for Latin American culture. I believe in the development of outdoor sports in the third world countries as a way to connect local people to natural beauty and inspire local conservation.

Full bio

I graduated with a 2005 degree in Digital Media and Audio Production from Massachusetts Communication College in Boston. Afterwards I opened and ran a production studio, Abstract Rhythm in New York City for 6 years. During this time I traveled throughout the United States providing technical support for events, concerts and theater (sound video and lighting).

In 2012 I moved to Colorado, working in the music industry there and pursuing further exploration in climbing, skiing, motorcycle and bicycle travel. Around this time my Photography started to be recognized professionally with work in Backcountry and Alpanist magazine.

In 2014 I moved to Guatemala (by motorcycle) and began working Mayan Families as a Videographer bringing attention to the indigenous Mayan people living in extreme poverty at Lake Atitlan. I also expanded on my mountain bike career racing nationally throughout the country. In 2016 I began racing mountain bikes full time along with undergoing numerous international expeditions that push the limits of endurance and what is possible on a bicycle.

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PICSPORADIC around the world:

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Brendan James Photography







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  • Outdoor/Lifestyle
  • Marketing
  • Architectural / Real Estate
  • Corporate
  • Product
  • Weddings/Events
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  • Interviews / Documentaries
  • Video Series / Web Video
  • PSA / Fundraising Shorts
  • Day in the life / Storytelling
  • Event Coverage
  • Aerial (Drone) Video
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  • Open to all subjects and locations
  • On-location shooting in Extreme environments
  • Expedition Coverage
  • Bike, Hike, Ski, Climb, Water
  • Photo Archiving
  • Photo Manipulation/Touch-Up


I am available anytime, anywhere

You can get a hold of me through any of my social media outlets or send me an email the old fashioned way!

Brendan James Photography


Brendan James

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Published Media:

Mountain Flyer Magazine

Backcountry Magazine

Alpinist Magazine

Outside Online

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Mayan Families (NGO)

MTB Guatemala

Perhaps You Need a Little Guatemala

Áreas naturales protegidas del Perú (ANP)


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