Mountain Home Stowe, VT

Mar 30 2017
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Published: March 30, 2017 by PICSPORADIC 

A handcrafted home by Roots Builders

The Mountainside Home located in Stowe, Vermont is a current project  of Roots Builders, LLC.

On the original site included an old house and barn whose materials were delicately repurposed and incorporated as vintage elements in the new home.

The fine details are immediately apparent as you enter the main hall  – with an open feel and sturdy timber frame structure. The architecture was inspired by the old barns of the northeast.


All furniture and cabinetry was custom crafted and includes a mixture old and modern materials.

Roots Builders, LLC worked in collaboration with Gristmill Builders, LTD on this new home and I was happy to provide the photography for the builder’s portfolio. – PICSPORADIC

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