Santa Cruz del Quiché

May 10 2017
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Published: May 10, 2017 by PICSPORADIC 

Santa Cruz Del Quiché

A Modern Mayan City

Originally founded in the fifteenth century as the K’iche’ capital of K’umarcaaj Santa Cruz del Quiché was one of the first major cities and department heads of Guatemala. The city lies in the southwestern Chuacús Mountains at an elevation of 6,631 feet (2,021m). The town also functions as a market center for the Indian villages in the vicinity.

I was in Quiché for Día Internacional de los Trabajadores – Joining the Escarabajos Cycling club for an epic in the mountains above the city.  Luckily I didn’t spend all my time taking pictures of mountain biking as this small city has so much to offer!

Families tour the market, Santa cruz del Quiché Guatemala


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6am – and the street market is already begining to take shape in Santa Cruz del Quiché Guatemala


Sights and sounds abound in the markets of Quiché – Watch Full Video on Youtube

Aerial Photography

Flying around the Quiché by drone it’s hard to get an idea of just how much is going on looking at my small cell phone screen for reference. When piloting you are hastily trying to find and frame shots within a limited time frame.  The real surprise is developing the images later- seeing the detail in the buildings and just how vibrant Guatemala is from the Air.

The city is a blend of 400+ year old buildings, ruins and modern shopping malls. The classic adobe roofing forms a patchwork with rusted tin panels as well as the brightly painted facades of the buildings

For me it’s one thing to get to know an area by foot – but an aerial perspective reveals the density and inter-relationship of a place. Especially these dense cities of Latin America.



Published: May 10, 2017 by PICSPORADIC 

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